Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors intends to supervise by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance as well as realizes the benefits and importance of good corporate governance. This contributes to the efficiency, transparency and accountability of management and operation which resulting in improving the Company’s competitiveness and increasing economic value for shareholders in long term as well. Therefore, the Board of Directors and the management team have established a written policy on the principles of good corporate governance and have already approved this policy with details as follows.

  1. To consider shareholders rights and to grant rights to shareholders in various matters, such as the right to propose an agenda for the shareholders' meeting in advance or the right to nominate persons to be elected as directors in advance, etc., as well as not to violate or deprive the rights of shareholders.
  2. To treat shareholders, investors, stakeholders and all relevant persons equally and fairly to all parties.
  3. To disclose information to shareholders, investors, stakeholders and all relevant persons correctly, adequately, equally and within the specified period through appropriate channels so that the shareholders and other relevant persons are able to access information conveniently, such as through the Company's website, etc.
  4. To perform duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors in supervising and managing with honesty, morality, prudence and carefulness in order to achieve the Company's goals, to gain the maximum benefit to the Company and shareholders as well as to prevent any conflicts of interest.
  5. To manage with transparency under of internal control system and audits.
  6. To control and manage risks to be in appropriate level to the Company's business operations.
  7. To conduct business with honesty under the legal framework and business ethical framework.

Good Corporate Governance