Corporate Governance Policy

Through the year 2020, the Board of Directors has perpetuated the intentions to enhance the Good Corporate Governance (“CG”) in accordance with the international standards. The Board of Directors therefore applied the CG Self-Assessment for developing the Company’s governance system under the CG established by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The purposes of this are for the most efficiency of management system including priority given to the shareholders’ rights, equal treatment to shareholders, stakeholders’ roles, data disclosure and transparency, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. All those are for protecting the shareholders’ interest.

In this connection, the Board of Directors has acknowledged the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017 (“CG Code”) and was well awarded of the governing body to create value for sustainable business including reviewing, policy assessing and the implementation in relation to the Company’s corporate governance and each CG Code. The Board of Directors has assigned the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee or Company secretary to amend CG policy and Ethics of the Company as well as the directions in compliance with CG Code and adaptable to the rapid change of CG development.

Good Corporate Governance